Puffe is the southernmost city in Fungwood. It is the country's fourth largest city and is built upon two hills. The city is ruled by Mayoress Bragette Suppe of the Fungwood Council. The city van be accessed by the Lanterned Path and the Eroe Express Rail, both of which passes through Puffe.

Puffe is known for its culinary culture, and their soups, pies and different types of stews are widely regarded as the best in Fungwood. A welcoming scent of fresh food surrounds the city at all times.


The city is built upon two hills, and is divided into three districts.

Puffe Hill

Puffe Hill is the largest of the two hills the city is built upon, and shoots upwards from the surrounding forest. Streets are criss-crossing the hill and gives access to the top, where the town hall is located. The city's major entry gate is located on the south side of the hill.

Toad Hill

Toad Hill is the second, smaller hill that Puffe is made up of. The Puffe Railway Station is located in its western corner.

Wart Slope

Wart Slope is the slum of Puffe where many questionable characters can be found. The district has its own and less visited gate to the city, nicknamed the Back Door.